Animatronic whale

The world most realistic animatronic animals


SFX Studio Inc., the well renown make-up and creature FX studio from Vancouver, BC, Canada, is proud to own its own killer whale. This whale is an exact replica of the real thing. It will perform the perfect photo double for a situation where a real killer whale cannot be used.

This whale is in fact 2 whales:

  • The first one is used for swimming only. It blows water through the blow hole, dive and rise to the surface. It needs the help of a small boat and a line to move forward.
    • Size/Lengh: 16’
    • Type: Fiberglass body with radio controlled navigation system. Runs with diving tanks.
    • Usage: Feature Films, TV programs, Commercials, Music videos, Special events...
  • The second is only a head and is used for a surface water break. It has facial animation like mouth, tongue and eyes. The blow hole is also working making it extra realistic.
    • Size/Height: 5’
    • Type: Silicone skin with radio controlled facial expressions. Runs with diving tanks. Rising action with cable and buoyancy systems.
    • Usage: Feature Films, TV programs, Commercials, Music videos, Special events...

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The team

Joel Echallier

The puppeteer

A puppeteer is the animator behind the puppet. With the help of controller like radios or cables, he brings life to the character using all mechanical advantage that the puppet has to offer. This requires skills and proper understanding of human and animal comportmental behavior. He also works very closely with the performer inside the suit to coordinate a move for a particular moment.

Joel Echallier has been a makeup FX artist and a puppeteer for the last 14 years. He has worked on numerous movies and TV commercials animating characters like bears, aliens, cats, dogs,sea creatures and ice cream cones with eyeballs.

The mechanic

The mechanic

An animatronic creature is a mechanical machine. As like all machines, maintenance is key to its good health. The mechanic knows the puppet inside out and can fix mechanical and electro-mechanical issues in a very efficient manner. Time is not something you want to waste when on a movie set. Having the mechanic is a must.

 The Riggers / Divers

The Riggers/Divers

The whale needs to be put and rigged in the water. It could be a swimming pool, a lac or the enven the open sea. In any case, Licensed divers are required to do this kind of work. They will help with the preparation of any under water work. They are under the supersion of the mechanical support team. The divers also can be use to drive the boat pulling the full whale.


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